eShop Terms & Conditions


eShop Terms & Conditions

§ 1. Parties to the Agreement
The owner of the shop: INTERBEDS LTD , location: NG7 7ER NOTTINGHAM, Isandula Road 13, TIN 10039180.
Orders may be submitted to the Store by natural persons, legal persons and organizational units without legal personality.

§ 2. Preliminary provisions.
The object of the Store is selling furniture and home furnishings.
All prices are in GBP and include VAT.
Making purchases in the Store constitutes acceptance of these Rules.

§ 3. Placing orders
An order in the Store is not treated as an accession of the Customer to the purchase contract and is not binding to either party.
Orders can be placed directly in our online Store 24 hours a day throughout the year.
After placing an order the Customer will receive two e-mails from the Store:
an automatically generated e-mail confirming the fact of an order being received by the Store server,
An e-mail, in which the Store clarifies the details of the contract and delivery terms. The transaction offer submitted to Customer including the e-mail is binding for the Store for one week.
Bank account transfer of the amount due to the Store is tantamount to acceptance by the Customer of all the terms of the transaction provided by the Store in the e-mail and the Customer's accession to the sale - purchase agreement.
If there is any doubt about the order of the Customer there is a possibility of additional telephone or mail contact with the Customer.
We reserve the right to refuse an order if the information given in the registration form is incomplete, incorrect or raise doubts as to its accuracy.

§ 4. Order delivery date
The processing of an order begins when the amount due for an order appears at the seller's bank account.
Order delivery date is understood as the time that elapses from the start of the contract by the Store until the completion of all components of the order and preparation of goods for shipping (but including working days only).
The condition for sending the goods to the Customer is to regulate the entire payment for the order and arrangement of the date of shipment of goods by the Customer.
Order of goods with different delivery dates is normally sent after completing the whole order, i.e. after the longest of these dates.
The Store reserves the right to extend the realization time or cancel the order for reasons beyond our control, and we are obliged to immediately notify the Customer.
In case of the cancellation of the contract by the Store any amounts paid by the customer on account of the contract will be returned.

§ 5. Payment methods
The store accepts one of payment: PAYPAL prepayment .
In prepayment Customer transfers 100% due to the Seller's bank account before the order is realized.
An e-mail sent by the Store to the Customer constitutes the basis for payment. It contains all the data necessary to perform the operation, i.e.:
Customer's personal data - in accordance with the order,
number of the bank account to which the Customer transfers the money,
name and address of the account holder,
payment title.
The Store can issue a VAT pro forma invoice on special request under which the Customer makes a payment for the goods ordered.
Each completed order is documented with a receipt or VAT invoice, which together with the product, are sent to the Customer's mailing address indicated in the registration form.
If the Customer wishes to receive a VAT invoice instead of a receipt, he shall indicate such a need via e-mail after making the purchase and provide the data to the invoice.

§ 6. Delivery and Shipping cost
The Customer is informed about the cost of delivery in an email via which the Store responds to orders placed by the Customer.
The Customer decides to conclude a purchase contract only after receiving information about the accrued costs of transport.
Delivery costs for prepaid purchase and cash on delivery are indicated by the Store.
Delivery of goods is conducted by an external company; a shipping date is agreed with the client at the time of completion of all elements of the contract.
On Customer's request the Store will realize the order in several separate deliveries, but it may be

associated with higher costs of transport.
Assembly is required for the furniture delivered in packages.
Delivery costs do not include bringing the packages to the apartment and the actual assembly of furniture. Courier drivers are not required to bring the furniture inside.
If a parcel delivered by a shipping company is damaged, the Customer shall unpack it in the presence of the courier, and if the goods are missing or damaged write down the damage protocol.
By acknowledging the delivery the Customer acquires the ownership of the goods. At the same time the risks associated with owning and operating the product are passed on to the Customer.

§ 7. Protection of personal data
Personal data collected are used solely for the purpose of the contract.
Under the Law on Protection of Personal Data the Store treats the obtained data as confidential and protects them from access by third parties.
Every Customer has the right to inspect and modify their personal data.

§ 8. Returns
On the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products the Customer can withdraw from the contract of sale for any reason within 10 days from the date of receipt of goods.
To cancel the contract the Customer should send to the Store within a given period a statement by registered letter to the address of INTERBEDS LTD, NG7 7ER NOTTINGHAM, Isandula Road 13, or e-mail with a delivery confirmation to:
For our Customers we provide a form statement of contract cancellation
Returned goods cannot bear signs of use or installation and must be packed in their original packaging.
Returned goods must be accompanied by a receipt or original invoice.
The customer covers the cost of returning the goods, and shall be liable for damage sustained during transport.
The right of withdrawal applies to purchased furniture, and not the transport services of furniture. The expenses incurred in connection with the transportation of furniture from the Store to the Customer are not reimbursed.
Customers must contact us in order to determine the exact address of the return of the goods.
The Store is committed to the financial settlement with the Customer within 14 working days from the receipt of shipment of the returned merchandise and the sales document.

§ 9. Complaints
Complaints related to mechanical damage caused during the transport of furniture will be considered only if the protocol of damage is prepared, signed by the Customer and the deliverer.
The lack of damage protocol signed by the Customer and the deliverer is regarded as evidence that at the time of delivery the goods did not bear any obvious mechanical defects.
Therefore, the responsibility of the Store for these types of defects ceases to exist, and the Customer loses the right to complain.
To file a complaint the Customer shall send the complaint to the store via e-mail with delivery confirmation to the address:
The condition for considering the complaint is to provide the complaint application with a copy of a receipt, invoice, warranty card (if issued),
and - if you complain about the defects caused by transportation - a signed copy of the damage protocol signed by the courier driver.
All complaints are dealt with within 14 working days of receipt.
Slight differences in color may not form the basis for complaint. All the colors of furniture in the Store and, in particular, leather, fabric, wood, etc. are of an approximate character.

10. Final Provisions
Any disputes arising from purchase-sale transactions shall be resolved by the Court acting in the place of business of the Seller.
The Seller reserves the right to modify these rules. In this case, the Store will be published the appropriate updates on its website.
Online Store reserves the right to make mistakes and cancel any order without providing the reason.
All products are subject to availability and so we may not be able to supply your order.
In unforeseen circumstances and with or without notice we may have to stop selling products through INTERBEDS LTD either temporarily or permanently.
We will not be liable for any losses you sustain as a result of updating or modifying our website.

Acceptance of terms given means that customer assent on making and sending invoices from Interbeds LTD, corrective invoices and duplicates in electronical form to e-mail address given by the customer. At the same time customer declares, that he or she will collect mentioned documents under the e-mail address that he or she will provide.